Young People’s FAF 2014

website artThe Young People’s Fine Arts Festival (YPFAF) is the Arts Council of Moore County’s way of showcasing the artistic talents of students in grades K-12 from all Moore County public, private, charter and home schools. Chosen by each school, all entries are exhibited at Campbell House Galleries during March, “Art in Schools” month. The exhibit is free and open to the public, thanks to the sponsorship of George W. Little & Associates, Town of Southern Pines, and Whistle Stop Press.

In addition to the exhibit, the high school entries were judged by Sarah Powers, Executive Director of the Visual Arts Exchange in Raleigh, NC. She chose the following winners for the 2014 Young People’s Fine Arts Festival:

1st Place – Tori Landers “Ode to Mr. Marley” – Grade 12, Union Pines High
2nd Place – Kayla Crane “Self Portrait” – Grade 9, O’Neal School
3rd Place – Jodie An Hyun-Jung “Bom” – Grade 10, O’Neal School
Honorable Mention:
Grant Brown “Untitled” – Grade 11, North Moore High

1st Place:  Kelly Vieregge “Stripes!” – Grade 12, Union Pines High
2nd Place:  Keith Hagins “Air Jordans 12” – Grade 12, Community Learning Center at Pinckney

Mixed Mediums:
1st Place:  Hannah Monroe “Two Headed Boy” – Grade 21, Union Pines High
2nd Place:  Joceylyn Steslicke “Still Life” – Grade 19, North Moore High
3rd Place:  Simone Woolley “Janus” – Grade 9, The O’Neal School
Honorable Mention:
Kiana Brown “Giraffe Pieces” – Grade 9, North More High
Jabrea Holmes “Untitled” – Grade 11, Pinecrest High
Simone Woolley “Les Fleurs” – Grade 9, O’Neal School

1st Place – Mary Duncan “Untitled” – Grade 12, Pinecrest High
2nd Place – Jacqueline Souza “City of Angels” – Grade 12, O’Neal School
3rd Place – Cheyenne Quimby “Mama Owl” – Grade 12, North Moore High
Honorable Mention:
Desiree Bower “What My Hands Can Do” – Grade 12, North Moore High
Kelly Vieregge “Untitled” – Grade 12, Pinecrest High

1st Place:  Becki White “Marisol’s Sassy Teapot” – Grade 12, O’Neal School
2nd Place: Tori Landers “Pitcher This” – Grade 10, O’Neal School
3rd Place:  Willa Mitchell “First Move” – Grade 11, Pinecrest High
Honorable Mention:
Ashley Williams “Neptune” – Grade 12, North Moore High
Faith Rogers “Plum Jelly” – Grade 12, Union Pines High

1st Place:  Kelly Vieregge “Blackheart Tattoo” – Grade 12, Union Pines High

1st Place:   Amanda Barnes “Going Up” – Grade 11, O’Neal School.
2nd Place:  McKenzie Cooper “Two in the Bush” – Grade 11, O’Neal School
3rd Place:  Jessica Lovelady “Seashells by the Shore” – Grade 12, Union Pines High
Honorable Mention:
Lindsay Odum “Untitled” – Grade 12, Union Pines High

As always, thank you for your help and we look forward to “showing off” your students’ talents next year! If you have any questions please call 910-692-2787.

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