Young People’s FAF 2015

2015 YPFAF People's Choice with infoThe Young People’s Fine Arts Festival (YPFAF) is the Arts Council of Moore County’s way of showcasing the artistic talents of students in grades K-12 from all Moore County public, private, charter and home schools. Chosen by each school, all entries are exhibited at Campbell House Galleries. The exhibit is free and open to the public, thanks to the sponsorship of George W. Little & Associates, Town of Southern Pines, Whistle Stop Press, and Wells Fargo Foundation.

In addition to the exhibit, the high school entries were judged by Anny Bradley Rawson, Grants & Special Project Director for the Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County in Fayettville, NC. She chose the following winners for the 2015 Young People’s Fine Arts Festival:

1st Place:  Hailey Chilton
– “Untitled” – Grade 12, Pinecrest High
2nd Place:  Lizzie Gibson – “Untitled” – Grade 11, Union Pines High
3rd Place:  Alfredo Quiros – “Lollipop Waltz” – Grade 11, Union Pines High

1st Place – Jorden Wolfe – “Tuscan Vineyard” – Grade 10, O’Neal School
2nd Place – Katharina Riepl – “Hoo Are You?” – Grade 11, O’Neal School
Computer Art
1st Place – Isa Blaschke – “Untitled” – Grade 11, Union Pines High
1st Place – McKenzie Cooper – “Blue Bucket” – Grade 12, O’Neal School
2nd Place – Dallas Smith – “Untitled” – Grade 12, Union Pines High
3rd Place – Jacey Warren – “Untitled” – Grade 11, Pinecrest High
Mixed Media
1st Place – Rachel Lassiter – “Mixed Media Still Life” – Grade 11, North Moore High
2nd Place – Jordan Hogan – “Rough Seas” – Grade 12, North Moore High
3rd Place – Signe Healy – “Ode to Diebenkorn” – Grade 9, O’Neal School
1st Place – Hanna Fitzgerald – “Nellie Rose” – Grade 9, O’Neal School
2nd Place – Emma Hollah – “Untitled” – Grade 11, Pinecrest High
3rd Place – Hailey Tradeau – “We Are All Mad Here” – Grade 10, Union Pines High
1st Place – Jordan Wolfe – “Rothenburg Cityscape” – Grade 10, O’Neal School
2nd Place – Grant Brown – “Fish Out of Water” – Grade 12, North Moore High
3rd Place – Karlie Hanna Tighe – “Golden Falls” – Grade 11, O’Neal School
As always, thank you for your help and we look forward to “showing off” your students’ talents next year! If you have any questions please call 910-692-2787.
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