Young People’s FAF 2012

The Young People’s Fine Arts Festival (YPFAF) is the Arts Council of Moore County’s way of showcasing the artistic talents of students in grades K-12 from all Moore County public, private, charter and home schools. Chosen by each school, all entries are exhibited at Campbell House Galleries during March, “Art in Schools” month. The exhibit is free and open to the public, thanks to the sponsorship of George W. Little & Associates, Town of Southern Pines, and Whistle Stop Press.

In addition to the exhibit, the high school students’ entries were judged by Anne Rawson of the Arts Council of Fayetteville & Cumberland County. She chose the following winners for the 2012 Young People’s Fine Arts Festival:

1st – Nick Temple, Pinecrest High
2nd – Kelsey Troyer, Union Pines High
3rd– Virginia Priest, Union Pines High

1st – Dakota Merritt, O’Neal School
2nd – Haley Bean, North Moore High
3rd – Antonio Cole, Pinecrest High
Honorable Mention:
Victoria Davis, Union Pines High
Jeni Rattz, O’Neal School
Jacqueline Sousa, Aleksandra Majke, Mimi Ke, & Tatum Riley, O’Neal School

1st – Dana Averbook, O’Neal School

Mixed Mediums:
1st – Lukas Godbey, O’Neal School
2nd – Victoria Davis, Union Pines High
3rd – Jodi McDermott, North Moore High
Honorable Mention:
Laisha Moore, Pinecrest High
Carmen Mendoza, North Moore High

1st – Taylor Keith, Union Pines High
2nd – Ebby Underwood, Pinecrest High
3rd – Will Grine, Pinecrest High
Honorable Mention:
Natalie Hendrickson, N. Moore High

1st – Natalie Page, Union Pines High
2nd – Kelly Clement, Union Pines High
3rd – Andie Schaible, O’Neal School
Honorable Mention:
Kelly Clement, Union Pines High
Jeni Rattz, O’Neal School

As always, thank you for your help and we look forward to “showing off” your students’ talents next year! If you have any questions please call 910-692-2787.

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