Fine Arts Festival 2022

The Arts Council of Moore County (ACMC) created the Fine Arts Festival (FAF) in 1980 to provide incentive for local artists to improve their technique and a place to showcase and sell their artwork. The festival has since grown into a major art exhibit featuring artwork by artists from all over the country. The artwork is also judged and cash prizes and ribbons are awarded.

Congratulations to the following winners


“Look at This”
Oil by Michael Mention (Southern Pines, NC)


“A Boat on the Ocean”
Oil by Michael Mention (Southern Pines)


1st Place:  Michael Mention (Southern Pines) – “Look at This”
2nd Place:  Michael Mention (Southern Pines) – “A Boat on The Ocean”
3rd Place:  Haley Beann (Southern Pines) – “003”
Honorable Mention:
Linda Bruening (Southern Pines) – “Southport Reflection”
Jenay Jarvis (Aberdeen) – “Surfacing”
Ray Lamantia (Siler City) – “Ode to Maxfield”
Jo Tomsick (Sanford) – “Embrace”


1st Place:  Ulli Misegades (West End) – “Lily”
2nd Place:  Adele Buytenhuys (Jackson Springs) – “Wind Swept”
3rd Place:  Christine Stackhouse (Pinehurst) – “AAAH – My Time!”
Honorable Mention:
Sook Sienkiewicz (Fayetteville) – “Desert Calm”
Nathan Pridgen (Southern Pines) – “Davidson Street Boutique”


1st Place:   Peter Helgesen (Pinehurst) – “The Rendezvous”
2nd Place:  Peter Helgesen (Pinehurst) – “Honningsvag”
3rd Place:   Thomas Mattocks (Pinebluff) – “1964”
Honorable Mention:
Meridith Martens (Southern Pines) – “Untitled”
Thomas Bizzette Mattocks (Pinebluff) – “The Dance”


1st Place:  Stephanie Slack (Raeford) – “Prismatic Study”
2nd Place:  Leigh Lassiter (Carthage) – “Fresh Berries”
3rd Place:   Barbara Ainsley (Pinehurst) – “Patiently Waiting”
Honorable Mention:
Brian Burbano (Pinehurst) – “Reflect, Connect and Rejoice in Recovery”
Janet Burdick (Pinehurst) – “Lovebirds”
Ulli Misegades (West End) – “First Signs
Hannah Roser (Southern Pines) – “To be Frank”
Lynda Sanders (Durham) – “Relaxed Tulip of Spring”


**Given in memory of Deborah Kline: Debby passed away in 2019 from ALS. In addition to her business degrees, Debbie also earned a fine arts degree. Her artwork is in private collections all over the country and she was a part of several solo & juried shows. Thanks to a gift from Debby’s friend, Dr. Tommy McDonell, we are proud to honor Debby in this way.

 1st Place:  Jo Tomsick (Sanford) – “The Changing Constellation”
2nd Place:  Steve Opet (Fayetteville) – “Baby Doll”
3rd Place:  Samuel Prater (Southern Pines) – “Extraterrestrial”


1st Place:  Pat Anderson (Southern Pines) – “The Passion of Cuban Ballet”
2nd Place:  Victoria Landers (Pinehurst) – “Breath”
3rd Place:  Victoria Landers (Pinehurst) – “Struck”
Honorable Mention:
Pat Anderson (Southern Pines) – “Young Entrepreneurs”
Christy Miller (Pinebluff) – “Unfailing Love”


1st Place:  Luke Huling (Aberdeen) – “Fused Dwelling II”
2nd Place:  Diane Flanegan (Pinehurst) – “Lady in the Leaves”
3rd Place:   Eleanor Gallagher (Southern Pines) – “Long Arm Tribe – Warthog Round Up”

2022 JUDGE:   Mya Brooks, Mellon Foundation Assistant Curator at the North Carolina Museum of Art


A Purchase Award is the opportunity for businesses and individuals to support the festival artists by pledging to purchase artwork prior to the festival. In addition to selling their artwork, the artist also receive a ribbon.

Jordan Baker (Southern Pines), “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!” (Acrylic)
Provided by Brownback & Thomasson, CPAs

Adele Buytenhuys (Jackson Springs), “Wind Swept” (Watercolor)
Provided by Rick Norland

Pinkie Castanien (Pinehurst), “Garden Faerie” (3-D)
Provided by Charlie & Terry Cook

Courtney Herndon (Pinehurst), “Lake Tillery Plein Air” (Oil)
Provided by Pat Cole

Grace Hill (Pinehurst), “Red Flowers” (3-D)
Provided by Mickey Walker

Rose Kennedy (Hope Mills), “Pastoral Evening” (Oil)
Provided by Frances Campbell

Leigh Lassiter (Carthage), “Fresh Berries (Pastel)
Provided by Stuart Fulghum & KSF Designs

Kathy Leuck (Pinehurst), “Bridges, Tunnels & Clock” (Oil)
Provided by Jules Latham

Lynn McGugan (Southern Pines), “Moore County Hounds” (Photograph)
Provided by Charlie & Terry Cook

Jane Mohr (Pinehurst), “Spirits at Sunset” (Mixed Media)
Provided by Denis McCullough, Interior Designer

Kathy Petz (Pinehurst), “ODX Wild Horses” (Oil)
Provided by Barbara Sherman

Lynda Sanders (Durham), “Relaxed Tulip” (Drawing)
Provided by Michael Holden, CPA

David Seiberling (Cameron), “Hands in Pockets” (Mixed Media)
Provided by Tommy McDonell, artist

David Seiberling (Cameron), “Soul of NOLA” (Photograph)
Provided by Denis McCullough, Interior Designer

Jean Smyth (Pinehurst), “Transparent” (Watercolor)
Provided by Rick Norland

Martha Tournas (Pinehurst), “Tulips” (Watercolor)
Provided by Pinky Doyle of Re/Max of the Pines

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