Fine Arts Festival 2021

The Arts Council of Moore County (ACMC) created the Fine Arts Festival (FAF) in 1980 to provide incentive for local artists to improve their technique and a place to showcase and sell their artwork. The festival has since grown into a major art exhibit featuring artwork by artists from all over the country. The artwork is also judged and cash prizes and ribbons are awarded.

Congratulations to the following winners


“To Give Rise To” (Oil) by Jenay Jarvis (Aberdeen, NC)“To Give Rise To” (Oil) by Jenray Jaravis (Aberdeen, NC)

“To Give Rise To” (Oil)
By Jenay Jarvis of Aberdeen, NC


"A World of Trees" (Mixed Media) by Paula Clark (Southern Pines, NC)

“A World of Trees” (Mixed Media)
By Paula Clark of Southern Pines, NC


1st place: Jenay Jarvis (Aberdeen) – “To Give Rise To”
2nd place: Frank Pierce (Southern Pines) – “Modesty”
3rd place: Waitsel Smith (Lenoir) – “Autumn Beech”
Honorable Mention:
Alana Knuff (Pinehurst) – “Early to Rise”
Beth Roy (Vass) – “Cactus Collection”


1st place: Susan Mauney (Pinehurst) – “Empty Porch # 55”
2nd place: Nathan Pridgen (Southern Pines) – “Paris Back Street”
3rd place: Pamela Swarbrick (Pinehurst) – “Just Forks”
Honorable Mention:
Ulli Misegades – “Sunday at the Lake”


1st place: Medrith Nuttle (Zebulon) – “Fields”
2nd place: Bobbie Britt (Lumberton) – “Reflection”
3rd place: Mary Wright (Southern Pines) – “Multitasking Vase”
Honorable Mention:
Jason Criss Howk (Pinehurst) “Sardinia Sea’s Setting Sun”


1st place: Susan Triplehorn (Chapel Hill) – “Leaves”
2nd place: Laureen Kirk (Aberdeen) – “Last Xinnias”
3rd place: Betty Hunt Chandler (Southern Pines) – “The Younger Twin”


1st place: Paula Parke (Southern Pines) – “A World of Trees”
**Given in memory of Deborah Kline: Debby passed away in 2019 from ALS. In addition to her business degrees, Debbie also earned a fine arts degree. Her artwork is in private collections all over the country and she was a part of several solo & juried shows. Thanks to a gift from Debby’s friend, Dr. Tommy McDonell, we are proud to honor Debby in this way.
2nd place: Adam Piergallini (Pinehurst) – “Bad Connection”
3rd place: Cat Wondergem (Georgetown SC) – “Strength”
Honorable Mention:
Sandy Stratil (Whispering Pines) – “The Time Travelers”
Tommy McDonell (Pinehurst) – “Village Fair”


1st place: Cameron Zabawski (Southern Pines) – “A Creative Moment”
2nd place: Robert Hill Long (Winston Salem) – “A Song for George Floyd”
3rd place: Yana Slutskaya (Clayton) – “Vegetables & Petunias”
Honorable Mention:
David Seiberling (Cameron) – “Deadwood”


1st place: Jim Tripp (Lumberton) – “Rabbit Hop”
2nd place: Anne R Jorgensen (Southern Pines) “Vase Petals”
3rd place: Eleanor Gallagher (Southern Pines) – “Ole Salty Dogs”

2021 JUDGE:   Molly Boarati, Nasher Museum of Art, Durham, NC


A Purchase Award is the opportunity for businesses and individuals to support the festival artists by pledging to purchase artwork prior to the festival. In addition to selling their artwork, the artist also receive a ribbon.

Nanette Zeller (Southern Pines) “Rose-breasted Grosbeak” (Mixed Media)
Provided by Mickey Walker

Jim Tripp (Lumberton) “Rabbit Hop” (3-D)
Provided by Stuart Fulghum of KSF Design

Jane Mohr (Pinehurst) “After Church” (Mixed Media)
Provided by Frances Campbell

Hazlette Huskins (Pinehurst) “Evergreen Bay” (Acrylic)
Provided by Frances Campbell

Waitsel Smith (Lenoir) “Autumn Beech” (Oil)
Provided by Frances Campbell

Patricia Halligan (Rockingham) “Spring in the Flatirons” (Mixed Media)
Provided by Frances Campbell

Michelle Howk (Pinehurst) “The Scars Beneath” (Acrylic)
Provided by Frances Campell

Robert Hill Long (Winston Salem) “A Song for George Floyd” (Photography)
Provided by Tommy McDonell

Deborah Whitley (Pinehurst) “Lust for Fall” (Acrylic)
Provided by Denis McCullough, ASID

Amy Louise Parks Perry (Southern Pines) “Precious Bulldog” (Pastel)
Provided by Don Parks

Bobbie Britt (Lumberton) “ Happy Day” (Acrylic)
Provided by Milton Pilson of 195 American Fusion Cuisine

Bobbie Britt (Lumberton) “Reflection” (Acrylic)
Provided by Milton Pilson of 195 American Fusion Cuisine

Jane Mohr (Pinehurst) ”The New Soul” (Acrylic)
Provided by Milton Pilson of 195 American Fusion Cuisine

Diane Flanegan (Pinehurst) “NC Mountains” (3-D)
Provided by Pinky Doyle of Re Max of the Pines

Sharon Granito (Southern Pines) “Alaska Summer” (Oil)
Provided by John Wiedmer of Jay-Kar Contracting

Jane Maloy (Pinehurst) “All Tucker-’D Out” (Oil)
Provided by Michael R. Holden, PLLC

Mary Wright (Southern Pines) “A Jar of the Garden” (Acrylic)
Provided by Philip Bailey of Charles Schwab

David Seiberling (Cameron) “Solitude” (Photography)
Provided by Lorraine Laslett of AutoWerks

Tom Reedy (Pinehurst) “Concurs in the Village”
Provided by Lorraine Laslett of AutoWerks

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