Fine Arts Festival 2020

The Arts Council of Moore County (ACMC) created the Fine Arts Festival (FAF) in 1980 to provide incentive for local artists to improve their technique and a place to showcase and sell their artwork. The festival has since grown into a major art exhibit featuring artwork by artists from all over the country. The artwork is also judged and cash prizes and ribbons are awarded.

Congratulations to the following winners


2020 FAF Best in Show

“A Little Peanut Thief” – Watercolor by Lynn Ponto-Peterson (Batesville, AR)



“My Little Town” – Mixed Media by Paula Clark (Southern Pines, NC)


1st place: Rich Flanegan (Pinehurst) – “A Solitary Season”
2nd place: Waitsel Smith (Lenoir) – “Beech Tree”
3rd place: Gerard Catapano (Southern Pines) – “Summer House Monhegan, Maine”

Honorable Mention:
Lynn Goldhammer (Pinehurst) – “Orange Poppy”
Harry Neely (Southern Pines) – “Dandelions and Marbles”
Jude Winkley (Pinehurst) – “Embers in the Ashes”


1st place: Lynn Ponto-Peterson (Batesville, AR) – “A Little Peanut Thief”
2nd place: Ellen Burke (Pinehurst) – “Plant a Radish Get a Radish”
3rd place: Patti Rank (Pinehurst) – “Baby Pelican”

Honorable Mention:
Ellen Burke (Pinehurst) – “Pears”


1st place: Sue Byrd (Southern Pines) – “Any Resemblance”
2nd place: Jordan Baker (Southern Pines) – “Windswept”
3rd place: Jordan Baker (Southern Pines) – “The Impact of Optimism”

Honorable Mention:
Paula Spinner (Pinehurst) – “Mom at 87”


1st place: Steve Opet (Fayetteville) – “Julia’s Kitchen”
2nd place: Betty Hendrix (Whispering Pines) – “Tidal Flow”
3rd place: Shannon Shreve (Montague, MA) – “Sophie”

Honorable Mention:
Laureen Kirk (Aberdeen) – “Attitudes”


1st place: Paula Parke (Southern Pines) – “My Little Town”
***This award is given in memory of Deborah Kline, who passed away in 2019 from ALS. In addition to her business degrees, Debbie also earned a fine arts degree. Her artwork is in private collections all over the country and she was a part of several solo & juried shows. Thanks to a gift from Debby’s friend, Dr. Tommy McDonell, we are proud to honor Debby in this way.
2nd place: Leslie Bailey (Pinehurst) – “Inner Struggle Storm”
3rd place: Leslie Bailey (Pinehurst) – “Deep Reflective Pools”

Honorable Mention:
Sandy Stratil (Whispering Pines) – “Spectre”


1st place: Robert Hunsicker (Southern Pines) – “Horsepower”
2nd place: Mandy Hambel (West End) – “Waiting”
3rd place: Robert Hill Long (Southern Pines) – “Goodbye Lisa”

Honorable Mention:
Lori Foringer (Centerville) – “Untitled”
Michael Stratil (Whispering Pines) – “Reflections”


1st place: Eleanor Gallagher (Southern Pines) – “Barnyard Buddies”
2nd place: Eleanor Gallagher (Southern Pines) – “Long Arm Tribe”

2020 JUDGE:   Lori Lorion, visual art professor at Sandhills Community College, Pinehurst, NC


A Purchase Award is the opportunity for businesses and individuals to support the festival artists by pledging to purchase artwork prior to the festival. In addition to selling their artwork, the artist also receive a ribbon.

Christy Adeimy (Pinebluff) “Paths Unknown” (Photograph)
Provided by John Wiedmer & Cathy Carter of Jay-Kar Contracting

Leslie Bailey (Pinehurst) “Inner Struggle Storm” (Mixed Media)
Provided by Milton & Anna Pilson of 195 American Fusion Cuisine

Leslie Bailey (Pinehurst) “Deep Reflective Pools” (Mixed Media)
Provided by Milton & Anna Pilson of 195 American Fusion Cuisine

Ellen Burke (Pinehurst), “Pears” (Watercolor)
Provided by Pinky Doyle of Re/Max of the Pines

Cindy Edgar (Pinehurst) “I’m Still Hungry” (Oil)
Provided by Stuart Fulghum of KFS Design

Sharon Ferguson (West End) “Rainy Day in the Sandhills” (Drawing)
Provided by Susan Gaines

Doris Gulley (Southern Pines) “Serene Roses” (Acrylic)
Provided by Michael Holdlen of Michael R. Holden, PLLC

Courtney Herndon (Pinehurst), “Pond in Spring” (Oil)
Provided by Rick Norland

Robert Hunsiker (Southern Pines) “Horsepower” (Photograph)
Provided by Dr. Bill Terry of the Women’s Care Center

Tommy B. McDonell (Pinehurst) “Don’t Give Up” (Mixed Media)
Provided by Paula Weiss

Lynn McGugan (Southern Pines) “Moore County Hounds” (Photograph)
Provided by John Dowd of Whistle Stop Press

Bernadette Mitchell (Southern Pines), “Magnolia” (Watercolor)
Provided by Pinky Doyle, Re/Max of the Pines

Paula Montgomery (Pinehurst), “Karma Camelia” (Oil)
Provided by Milton & Anna Pilson of 195 American Fusion Cuisine

Lois Pollard (Pinehurst) “Iris” (Oil)
Provided by Mrs. John Daughtridge

Lois Pollard (Pinehurst), “Soiree A Paris” (Oil)
Provided by Denis McCullough of Denis McCullough Interior Design

Shannon Shreve (Montague, MA) “Sophie” (Pastel)
Provided by Mrs. John Daughtridge

Andrea Schmidt (Southern Pines) “Yellow Iris” (Watercolor)
Provided by Mrs. John Daughtridge

Andrea Schmidt (Southern Pines) “To A Wild Rose” (Watercolor)
Provided by Mrs. John Daughtridge

Debra Rhodes Smith (Pinehurst) “A Bird’s Eye View” (Photograph)
Provided by Dr. Tommy McDonell

Daniel Williams (Rockingham) “De Niro” (Drawing)
Provided by Mickey Walker

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