Fine Arts Festival 2012

The Arts Council of Moore County (ACMC) created the Fine Arts Festival in 1980 to provide incentive for local artists to improve their technique and a place to showcase and sell their artwork. The festival has since grown into a major exhibit featuring artwork by artists from all over the country. The event also includes an art competition where the entries are judged in nine categories and $2,500 in cash prizes and ribbons are awarded.

Congratulations to the following winners of
the 2012


“Bird’s Eye of Myrtle Beach”
Category:  Photography
Created by Tim Sayer of Southern Pines


“Birds of the Sandhills”
Category:  Oil
Created by Susan Edquist of Pinehurst

Awards given in memory of Elizabeth Morrison Barron, who entered the Fine Arts Festival for many years and received several awards, including the 2003 People’s Choice Award.

1st place:  “River Bend” by David Latham (Laurinburg)
2nd place:  “Sidetracked” by Medrith Nuttle (Zebulon)
3rd place:  “Opera Diva” by Gerard Catapano (Pinehurst)
Honorable Mention:
“River Bank” by Medrith Nuttle (Zebulon)
“Rhapsody” by Harry Lane Wurster (Pittsboro)
“Mr. Billingsley” by Frances Dillon (Jackson Springs)

1st place:  “Ready” by Susan Newell (Pinehurst)
2nd place:  “Male Study from Life #1” by Betty DiBartolomeo (Pinehurst)
3rd place:  “Melanie Musing” by Sarah M. Fredericks (Aberdeen)
Honorable Mention:
“Barnyard Bill” by Elda Hiser (Cary)
“After Cy Twombly” by Marie Travisano (Pinehurst)

1st place:  “A Lovely Brick Wall” by Les Caison III (Asheboro)
2nd place:  “Rare to Oblivion” by Harry E. Russell III (Pinehurst)
3rd place:  “Family Matters: All at Once” by Sandy Stratil (Whispering Pines)
Honorable Mention:
“Rain Forest” by Deborah Kline (Pinehurst)
“Waiting for Cuba” by Harry Lane Wurster (Pittsboro)
“Waiting” by Mary Bryson (Pinehurst)
“Family Matters: Swept Away” by Sandy Stratil (Whispering Pines)

1st place:  “Birds of the Sandhills” by Susan Edquist (Pinehurst)
2nd place:  “Winter Series I” by Linda Bruening (Whispering Pines)
3rd place:  “Yawning Horse, Golden Apple” by Leigh Swanson (Southern Pines)
Honorable Mention:
“October’s Last Hurrah” by Jeanette Sheehan (Pinehurst)
“Wild Poppies” by Doris Smith (Pinehurst)
“Afternoon Tea” by Eileen Strickland (Raeford)
“Coco and Chanel” by Jane Casnellie (Pinehurst)
“Winter Series VI” by Linda Bruening (Whispering Pines)

1st place:  “Mysteria” by Debra Regula (Pinehurst)
2nd place:  “Painted Owl” by Barbara Touchette (Lancaster, VA)
3rd place:  “Evening Meadow Trio” by Barbara Touchette (Lancaster, VA)

1st place:  “Elliot Bridge Rd. – Harnett Co., NC” by A. Jones Rodgers (Fayetteville)
2nd place:  “Coral Honeysuckle” by Miriam Sagasti (Chapel Hill)
3rd place:  “Boone Fork” by Grace Hill (Pinehurst)
Honorable Mention:
“Quiet Life” by Mary Ellen Warren (Pinehurst)
“Passing Storm” by Caroline Love (Pinehurst)
“Morning Meeting” by Becky Phelps Hildebrand (Lexington, SC)
“Graves Farm” by Shannon Shreve (Greenfield, MA)

Awards given in memory of Edward Green, long-time volunteer photographer for ACMC

1st place:  “Bird’s Eye of Myrtle Beach” by Tim Sayer (Southern Pines)
2nd place:  “Sea La Vie” by Becca Leen (Southern Pines)
3rd place:  “King of Hearts” by Lori Fischler (West End)
Honorable Mention:
“Let Me Go” by Michael Stratil (Whispering Pines)
“Lando Mill School, Italian Renaissance Revival Design” by Bill Fitzpatrick (Taylor, SC)
“Cowboys at Play” by Tom Reedy (Pinehurst)
“Getting Ready” by Michael Stratil (Whispering Pines)

1st place:  “Returning” by Ines Ritter (Southern Pines)
2nd place:  “Sophie Hannon’s Patron Saint to the Garden” by Laurie Deleot (Southern Pines)
3rd place:  “Young America” by Laurie Deleot (Southern Pines)

1st place:  “Nessie, red buttons down my back” by Anne Raven Jorgensen (Southern Pines)
2nd place:  “Cottonwood Cottage” by Bob Elmore (Pinehurst)
3rd place:  “House Wren” by Don McCluskey (Aberdeen)
Honorable Mention:
“Vase, metallic triangles” by Anne Rave Jorgensen (Southern Pines)
“Manufactured Memories” by Molly Dedmond (Southern Pines)

2012 JUDGESarah Powers, Director, Visual Arts Exchange, Raleigh, NC

A Purchase Award is the opportunity for businesses and individuals to support the festival artists by pledging to purchase artwork prior to the festival. In addition to selling their artwork, the artist also receive a ribbon.

Anne Raven Jorgensen, “Nessie, Red Buttons Down My Back” (3-D)
Purchased by Laurie Rich of Laurie Rich Catering

Paula Montgomery, “Floating Pears” (Acrylic)
Purchased by Michael Holden of Holden, Thomasson, & Longfellow, P.A.

Margo Matarese, “Tutti Fruitti” (Watercolor)
Purchased by Pinky Doyle of Re/Max of the Pines

Mary Bryson, “Waiting” (Mixed Media)
Purchased by Pinky Doyle of Re/Max of the Pines

Courtney Herndon, “Carolina Sunflowers” (Oil)
Purchased by Monica & Rick Zimmerman of

Anne Raven Jorgensen, “Vase with Metallic Triangles” (3-D)
Purchased by Monica & Rick Zimmerman of

Molly Dedmond, “Manufactured Memories” (3-D)
Purchased by Denis McCullough, ASID of Denis McCullough Interior Design

Betty Hendrix, “Ruffled Feathers” (Watercolor)
Purchased by Wendy Beaver of Charles Schwab & Co.

Barbara Touchette, “Evening Meadow Trio I” (Digital Art)
Walker Morris of Muirfield Broadcasting

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