Fine Arts Festival 2011

The Arts Council of Moore County (ACMC) created the Fine Arts Festival in 1980 to provide incentive for local artists to improve their technique and a place to showcase and sell their artwork. The festival has since grown into a major exhibit featuring artwork by artists from all over the country. The event also includes an art competition where the entries are judged in nine categories and $2,500 in cash prizes and ribbons are awarded.


Congratulations to the following winners


“Martha’s Vineyard” (drawing/pastel)
by Annette Pleasant (Fayetteville)


"Posts and Beams" (photo) by Debra Regula“Posts & Beams” (photograph)
by Debra Regula (Pinehurst)

Awards given in memory of Elizabeth Morrison Barron, who entered the Fine Arts Festival for many years and received several awards, including the 2003 People’s Choice Award.
1st place:  “Softly Came Summer” by Jeanette Sheehan (Pinehurst)
2nd place:  “Untitled Abstract #8” by Harry Lane Wurster (Pittsboro)
3rd place:  “Not Straight On” by Suzy Morgan (Southern Pines)
Honorable Mention:
“Repose” by Margot Holloman (Fuquay-Varina)

1st place:  “Martha’s Vineyard” by Annette Pleasant (Fayetteville)
2nd place:  “Carissa Holding On” by Sarah M. Fredericks (Aberdeen)
3rd place:  “American Auto Club” by Steve Opet (Fayetteville)
Honorable Mention:
“Bluff Mountain, NC” by Ulli Misegades (Cary)
“Jake” by Mary B. Rose (Linden)

1st place:  “Passages X” by Sandy Stratil (Whispering Pines)
2nd place:  “Victorian Sunshine” by Denise Ferrari (Southern Pines)
3rd place:  “More than Birds in the Trees” by Les Caison III (Asheboro)
Honorable Mention:
“Just Us Chickens” by Dianne Hinshaw (Pinehurst)

1st place:  “Ewe” by Courtney Herndon (Pinehurst)
2nd place:  “Reading Bronte” by Yvonne Sovereign (Sanford)
3rd place:  “I Know You by Heart – Artist’s Son” by Allison McLean (Southern Pines)
Honorable Mention:
“Saratoga Morning” by Dedi McHam (Southern Pines)
“Hide and Seek” by Sharon Mary Granito (Southern Pines)
“First Impression” by Courtney Herndon (Pinehurst)
“Summer Place” by Mary Bryson (Pinehurst)
“Evening Song” by Dianne Kraudelt (Carthage)
“Inchalene” by Terri Birkhouser (Pinehurst)

1st place:  “Morning Shadows” by Pamela Swarbrick (Pinehurst)
2nd place:  “Afternoon Lilies” by Lauren Bobo (West End)
3rd place:  “Strawberries” by Kathy Flood (Fayetteville)
Honorable Mention:
“Still Life with Tulips and Lemons” by Margo Materese (Pinehurst)
“The Fayetteville Connection of Carson McCullers” by A. Jones Rodgers (Fayetteville)
“Mother with Child” by Ulli Misegades (Cary)

1st place:  “Cityscape” by Barbara M. Touchette (Lancaster, VA)

Awards given in memory of Edward Green, long-time volunteer photographer for ACMC
1st place:  “Train Station in Infrared 04” by Hunter Rudd (Southern Pines)
2nd place:  “Tampa Skyline in Infrared 02” by Hunter Rudd (Southern Pines)
3rd place:  “The Shell Seeker” by Heather Sinsley (Pinehurst)
Honorable Mention:
“Triumphalism” by Michael Stratil (Whispering Pines)
“Tree of Life” by Binky Albright (Southern Pines)
“Posts and Beams” by Debra L. Regula (Pinehurst)
“Serengeti Sunset” by Arthur Fish (Southern Pines)
“Christmas Time in the Sandhills” by Frank Ripp (Whispering Pines)

1st place:  “Rear Window” by Betsey MacDonald (Clayville, RI)
2nd place:  “The Dawn of Man” by Lori Fischler (West End)
3rd place:  “Study in Woodblock 2/12” by T.J. Chavis (Carthage)

1st place:  “Serendipity” by Jean Brylowe (Carthage)
2nd place:  “Yoga” by Michele Garrett Laster (Charlotte)
3rd place:  “Table #1” by Barry Purrington (Southern Pines)

JUDGECraig Malmrose, Art Professor, School of Art & Design, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC

A Purchase Award is the opportunity for businesses and individuals to support the festival artists by pledging to purchase artwork prior to the festival. In addition to selling their artwork, the artist also receive a ribbon.

Terri Birkhauser’s “Inchalene” (oil)
Purchased by from Monica & Rick Zimmerman &

Frederick Coxen’s “Blackberries” (oil)
Purchased by an Anonymous donor

Melody Crow’s “Miss Clover” (mixed media)
Purchased by an Anonymous donor

Lori Fischler, “The Dawn of Man” (print/printmaking)
Walker Morris of Muirfield Broadcasting

Kathy Flood’s “Strawberries” (watercolor)
Purchased by from an Anonymous donor

Courtney Herndon’s “Ewe” (oil)
Purchased by Pinky Doyle of Re/Max of the Pines

Ulli Misegades’ “Mother with Child” (watercolor)
Purchased by Ginny Thomasson & Holden, Thomasson & Longfellow, P.A.

Hunter Rudd’s “Train Station in Infared 04” (photo)
Purchased by Tommy McDonell of Pinehurst

Marilyn Vendemia’s “Letting Go” (oil)
Purchased by Wendy Beaver of Southern Pines

Marilyn Vendemia’s “Blue Sunflower” (oil)
Purchased by Denis Col McCullough, ASID

Harry Lane Wurster’s “Untitled Abstract #8” (acrylic)
Purchased by Wendy Beaver & Charles Schwab & Co.

Melody Zelenz’s “Geraniums” (drawing)
Purchased by Shirley App of Southern Pines

Bob Zimmerman’s “Venice, Italy” (photograph)
Purchased by Laurie Rich of Laurie Rich Catering

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