Fine Arts Festival 2015

The Arts Council of Moore County (ACMC) created the Fine Arts Festival (FAF) in 1980 to provide incentive for local artists to improve their technique and a place to showcase and sell their artwork. The festival has since grown into a major art exhibit featuring artwork by artists from all over the country. The artwork is also judged and cash prizes and ribbons are awarded.

Congratulations to the following winners of the
35th annual FINE ARTS FESTIVAL 2015


2015 Best in Show Winner for web“The Millennium’s Salvation”
Category:  Mixed Media
By Denise Rivers Ferrari of Southern Pines, NC


2015 People's Choice Winner for web

“Charging Lion”
Category:  Painting
By Merry Scotland of Pinehurst, NC


1st place: “Breaking Through” – Katana Lemelin (Pinehurst)
2nd place: “Dress Blues” – Waitsel Smith (Lenoir)
3rd place: “Deer Scull” – Meridith Martens (Southern Pines)

Honorable Mention:
“Morning Glory” – Marilyn Vendemia (Pinehurst)
“Scarlet Bouquet” – Terri Birkhauser (Pinehurst)
“Knot a Toad” – Marilyn Strother (Chapel Hill)
“Irish Threads” – Beverly McAnulty (Elon)
“Baseball Jar” – Julie Messerschmidt (Mount Pleasant, SC)
“In Ruins” – Kim Sobat (Southern Pines)
“Primal Paper” – Margaret Anderson (Rockingham)
“Wildebeests” – Kenya – Jessie Mackay (Pinehurst)
“Somebody Say Carrots?” – Ann Marie Venezio (West End)
“Brooklyn Maine House” – Shannon Shreve (Montaque, MA)
“Girl Talk II” – Shannon Shreve (Montaque, MA)
“Touched by the Sun” – Mary Ellen Warren (Pinehurst)
“North Carolina General Store, 1939” –Eleanor Gallagher (Southern Pines)
“Tribute to Len” – Robert Koechlin (Pinehurst)
“Hydrangeas” – Sydney Somoza (Sanford)
“Wild Horses, OBX” – Jill Hunt (Clayton)


1st place: “Kitchen Chair” – Mary Bright Rose (Fayetteville)
2nd place: “Red Go Round”” – Steve Opet (Fayetteville)
3rd place: “Greek Horse & Rider” – Cynthia Stoddard (Southern Pines)

Honorable Mention:
“Aqua-Gration” – Larry Steve Crain (Southern Pines)
“Lift Off” – Betsey MacDonald (Clayville, RI)
“Green Socks” – Steve Opet (Fayetteville)
“Baby Mine” – Sweet Pea” – Hope Norton (Hamlet)
“Outing with Annette” – Becky Lee (Fayetteville)


1st place: “The Millennium’s Salvation” – Denise Rivers Ferrari (Southern Pines)
2nd place: “City Time” – Tommy McDonell (Pinehurst)
3rd place: “Messages II” – Sandy Stratil (Whispering Pines)

Honorable Mention:
“The Family Farm” – Larry Steve Crain (Southern Pines)
“Traverse” – E. Tracy Williams (Cary)
“Quataabeelaataabee” – Jason Hutchens (Laurinburg)
“Fuscia Fusion” – Lynn Goldhammer (Pinehurst)


1st place: “Vision” – Mike Cumber (Garner)
2nd place: “Fluidity” – Karen Mault (Morehead City)
3rd place: “Space Creatures” – Michael Stratil (Whispering Pines)

Honorable Mention:
“Twin Colossus” – Michelle Rockett (Pinehurst)
“High Line” – Melissa Cumber (Garner)
“Westminister Abbey” – Mike Cumber (Garner)
“Whooooo” – Robert E. Smith (Sanford)
“Glittering Anemone” – Michael Stratil (Whispering Pines)


1st place: “Red Tail Hawk” – Bobby Elmore (Pinehurst)
2nd place: “Pig on a Wagon” – Dian Ellis Moore (Pinehurst)
3rd place: “Bad Eye Jack” – Ouida Newell (Carthage)

Honorable Mention:
“Shore Bird – Sandpiper” – John Harding (Southern Pines)
“A Touch of Class” – Ouida Newell (Carthage)
“Celebration” – Clay Sessoms (Pinehurst)

2015 Judge:   Bob Rankin, Acrylic Artist, Raleigh, NC


A Purchase Award is the opportunity for businesses and individuals to support the festival artists by pledging to purchase artwork prior to the festival. In addition to selling their artwork, the artist also receive a ribbon.

Lenore Johnson (Southern Pines), “Taipai” (Painting)
Laurie Rich of Laurie Rich Catering

Tommy McDonell (Pinehurst), “City Time” (Mixed Media)
Denis McCullough, ASID of Denis McCullough Interior Design

Mary Ellen Warren (Pinehurst), “Touched by the Sun” (Painting)
Dr. Bill Terry, Women’s Care Clinic of Pinehurst Surgical

Harry Neely (Southern Pines), “Eggs” (Painting)
Dr. Bill Terry, Women’s Care Clinic of Pinehurst Surgical

Mike Cumber (Garner), “Westminster Abbey” (Photograph)
Dr. Tommy McDonell

Tom Ujfalusy (Southern Pines), “Whittaker Point” (Photography)
Ginny Thomasson of Holden, Thomasson & Longfellow

Lynn McGugan (Southern Pines), “Old Mallet” (Photography)
Ginny Thomasson of Holden, Thomasson & Longfellow

Marjorie Sullivan (Southern Pines), “Old Kerry Cottage” (Painting)
Pinky Doyle of Re/Max of the Pines

Marilyn Vendemia (Pinehurst), “America’s Muse” (Painting)
Wendy Beaver of Parsec Financial Wealth Management

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