Arts Lecture Series

Spring 2024

Join the Arts Council for another arts lecture series that will dive into art and the lives of the best artists in history, in addition to other artistically interesting topics.

WWII ART THEFT: Art Plunder by Nazi Germany & Soviet Union

DATE CHOICES: January 25 (5:30p) OR January 26 (10a)

The looting or destruction of artwork during military campaigns is nearly as old as human history. The Parthenon in Athens replaced an earlier building that was destroyed by the Persians. The Mongol invasion of the Abbasid caliphate resulted in the destruction of their libraries and the death of 50,000 in Baghdad. However, WWII saw the organized theft of art on a scale that we still cannot fully grasp. This lecture will examine the theft of art by both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, how it was organized, and the purpose behind such large-scale operations. To this day, the world is grappling with what was stolen and where it is located.

LECTURERAbbe Allen is a professor of history, political science, and art history at Sandhills Community College. Prior to moving to Whispering Pines, she was an adjunct instructor in the humanities at Columbus State Community College and a docent at the Columbus Museum of Art. Abbe earned her Bachelor of Arts from Miami University. She earned two Master of Arts degrees from The Ohio State University and one Master of Arts from Ohio University.


DATE CHOICES: February 1 (5:30p) OR February 2 (10a)

“Balanced Entry I” by Luke Huling

Our area has a rich history of ceramics; however, utilitarian pottery vessels are just one half of the equation in this medium. During this lecture/demonstration, Luke Huling will discuss his process of art making and demonstrate his portrait sculpting techniques using clay. He will place emphasis on anatomy and proportions and how to achieve a “likeness” when sculpting from mirrors and live models. Afterwards, you will possess a new knowledge on the artist’s clay process and how you may get started on your own sculptural work with tips and tricks to avoid issues that can arise during the ceramic firing process.

LECTURERLuke Huling is a ceramic figure sculptor from Harrisburg, PA. He currently lives in Aberdeen, NC and is an associate professor at Sandhills Community College. He earned his BFA from Edinboro University and MFA from Indiana University. He is a past resident at The LUX Center for the Arts and Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts. He exhibits work in galleries and museums around the country and currently has work at The American Museum of Ceramic Art in California which will be on display through September 2024.

THE WILD BEASTS: Matisse, Derain & the Summer that Changed the Course of Modern Art

DATE CHOICES: March 13 (5:30p) OR March 14 (10a)

“Collioure: Le port de peche” by Andre Derain

In the summer of 1905, Henri Matisse invited artist André Derain to join him in Collioure on the French Mediterranean for drawing, painting, and exploring the boundaries of their art in the beautiful south of France. It was in this small fishing village that over the course of nine weeks the artists formed a partnership creating a new and radical artist language; manipulating color reflecting the artists’ feelings and sensations rather than the reality of nature. Their experiments with color, form, and structure would radically change the direction of French painting. Critics at the time called them “Fauvists” (the French word for “wild beasts”); reacting to what was considered their shocking use of color. Matisse and Derain knew they had created something that, after the initial shock, would resonate throughout the art world.

LECTURER: Ellen Burke is an arts educator with 37 years of experience as a studio art instructor and fine and performing arts administrator. In addition to teaching in Massachusetts, she was an adjunct instructor in art education at the New Hampshire Art Institute. Since moving to Pinehurst, she has presented art lectures at local galleries and teaches small group art lessons to children and adults.

COST PER LECTURE:  $26 for Arts Council Members | $32 for Nonmembers
Space is limited. All lectures will be presented in Arts Council Galleries
at Campbell House
(482 East Connecticut Ave., Southern Pines)
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