ArtistYear NC

The Arts Council is a proud community partner with ArtistYear/AmeriCorps and Moore County Schools to place recent higher-education arts graduates at high-needs Title I schools as full-time teaching artists. Creative disciplines include actors, creative writers, dancers, musicians, and visual artists. Each Fellow is paired with a teacher to provide 1,700 hours of arts education. This innovative strategy significantly bolsters arts education for our most vulnerable youth, while improving student academic and socio-emotional development, enhancing school climate and capacity, benefiting the larger community, and developing a new generation of Citizen-Artists steeped in service. This is our state’s first volunteer program for artists and the first program of its kind to serve our rural communities.

Eugene Cottrell is the lead for ArtistYear NC.

Scroll down to meet our 2022/23 ArtistYear Fellows:

Adam Perez
ArtistYear Fellow, Visual Artist
Anthony Brosilow
ArtistYear Fellow, Digital Media Artist, Photographer
Isabel Galgano
ArtistYear Fellow, Literary Artist
James Wheeler
ArtistYear Fellow, Theatre Artist
Jane Durden
ArtistYear Fellow, Visual Artist
McKelynn Barber
ArtistYear Fellow, Dancer
Reese Harper
ArtistYear Fellow, Literary Artist, Visual Artist
Sara Larson
ArtistYear Fellow, Dancer
TJ Chavis
ArtistYear Fellow, Visual Artist

ACMC Youth Programs are supported by grants from the Claude F. Smith Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, North Carolina Arts Council, Moore County Charitable Fund, Moore County Community Foundation, Southern Pines Garden Club, and the generous gifts of ACMC members.
ArtistYear NC is supported in part by a grant from the Palmer Foundation.