Moore ArtShare

“COVID Edition”

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On behalf of the Arts Council and Given Library, we thank all who shared their creative ideas for our “Moore ArtShare – COVID Edition”. The artful creations that were submitted gave comfort to many during a tough time for us all. For the time being, we will not publish anymore issues of “Moore ArtShare – COVID Edition”. While we plan the next phase of “Moore ArtShare,” please check out our past issues below:

ISSUE 1 – MAY 18, 2020 – Featuring art shared by Julie Borshak, Libby Cornett, Eugene Cottrell, Rich Flanegan, Paige & Parker Fusonie, Joseph Hill, Rick Martinez, Janie Monroe, Lisa Richman & Dean Segovis, Elizabeth Robinson, Patricia Tocco, Corragan Valentic, Mary Wright, & Nanette Zeller.

ISSUE 2 – MAY 25, 2020 – Featuring art shared by Martha Christian, Chris Dunn, Bob Howell, Neva Kittrell-Scheve, Ella Marino, Ally Markotich, Kate McDonald, Paula Montgomery, Corey Pritchard, Bruce Shute, Rain Stalker, River Stalker, Molly Thomas, Patricia Tocco, & Ella Van Horn

ISSUE 3 – JUNE 1, 2020 – Featuring art shared by Terri Birkhauser, Janice Blower, Lincoln Bowman, Martha Christian, Lynne Jones, Rick Meyer, Jean Smyth, River Stalker, Cady Timms, & Mary Wright

ISSUE 4 – JUNE 15, 2020 – Featuring art shared by Elizabeth L. Beck, Joan Blair, Janice Blower, Lincoln Bowman, Annie Brechtelsbauer, Martha Christian, Bethany Gaddy, Nancy Heilman, Robert Hill Long Patti Rank, Molly Thomas, Patricia Thomas, & Patricia Tocco.

ISSUE 5 – JULY 1, 2020 – Featuring art shared by Janice Blower, Annie Brechtelsbauer, Martha Christian, Kate Curtin, Doris Gulley, Jane Harnum, Erika Heaney, Candace Hitchcock, Molly Thomas, Patricia Tocco, & Ann Truemper

ISSUE 6 – JULY 15, 2020 – Featuring art shared by Janice Blower, Annie Brechtelsbauer, Susan deYoung, Donald Harnum, Jane Harnum, Kathy Leuck, Lance Moore, Dolores Muller, Molly Thomas, & Patricia Thomas.

ISSUE 7 – AUGUST 1, 2020 – Featuring art shared by Annie Brechtelsbauer, Carolina Philharmonic, Martha Christian, Keria Faith & Addie Kate, Don Harnum, Jane Harnum, Candace Hitchcock, Robert Hill Long, Anna Murphy, & Nicholas Solomon

ISSUE 8 – AUGUST 15, 2020 – Featuring art shared by Annie Brechtelsbauer, Ellen Burke, Lillian Jean Dew, Mandy Hambel, Jane Harnum, Robert Koechlin, Meredith Markfield, Paul Murphy, Jude Winkley, & Beth Ybarra.

ISSUE 9 – SEPTEMBER 1, 2020 – Featuring art shared by Annie Brechtelsbauer, Baylor, Dorian Devins, Don Harnum, Jane Harnum, Beverly G Lawson, Joanne Thornton, & Jude Winkley.

ISSUE 10 – SEPTEMBER 15, 2020 – Featuring art shared by Baylor Coppage, Bonnie Dougherty, Jane Harnum, Dolores Muller, Corey Pritchard, Patti Rank, Rain Stalker, River Stalker, & Jude Winkley.

ISSUE 11- OCTOBER 1, 2020 – Featuring art shared by Sue Byrd, Baylor Coppage, Bonnie Dougherty, Paul Murphy, Jean Smyth, Rain Stalker, & Nicole Torres.

ISSUE 12- NOVEMBER 1, 2020 – Featuring art shared by Adele Buytenhuys, Susan deYoung, Chris Dunn, Garrett C. Flagg, Jane Harnum, Moore Philharmonic Orchestra, Dolores Muller, Bear Pruitt, Penelope Pruitt, & Nicole Torres.

ISSUE 13- DECEMBER 1, 2020 – Featuring art shared by Carolina Philharmonic, Jane Harnum, Judson Theatre Company, Laureen Kirk, & Nanette Zeller.

Call for Submissions for Future Issues
Calling All Creative Types!

The world turns to the arts during times of celebration, healing, education, comfort, remembrance, relaxation, motivation, and more. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that more people are at home consuming the arts in many ways….streaming movies and concerts, reading books, viewing online art exhibits, and even making their own art.  It is your own art that we are most interested in sharing.

The Arts Council of Moore County and Given Memorial Library are accepting submissions to Moore ArtShare – COVID Edition, a new online sharing of creative and artistic works that will showcase how the Moore County community is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. All ages are welcome and encouraged to submit work. Based on the response, we plan to offer regular issues as a historical record of the time we are living through.

In the words of Romero Britto, famous pop artist and founder of the Happy Art Movement, “art is too important not to share.”  Come on Moore County, share your creative creations with us!

What is Moore ArtShare?

Moore ArtShare will be a small online publication of local arts and writings by the Moore County community, distributed through the Arts Council and Given Memorial Library’s websites and social media platforms. It is based on the DIY aesthetic of Zines.

Submissions to Moore ArtShare may include, but are not limited to:

  • Visual Art
  • Music
  • Theatre
  • Writing: short stories, poetry, reviews, etc. (500 words or less)
  • Artistic tutorials & How To videos
  • Comics
  • Short films
  • Photography
  • Recipes

Before we get to how to submit your work, we want to give a huge shout-out to the wonderful staff at the Arlington Public Library in Arlington, Virginia. Their online magazine, Quaranzine, was the inspiration for ours. Check it out.

Rules & Submission Guidelines

  • Entries are received on a rolling submission basis with no deadline.
  • All content must be original and previously unpublished.
  • Submissions are limited to one per person, per issue.
  • Anyone who lives, works or goes to school in Moore County, NC may submit.
  • Work must be visually clear (not blurry or too dark/too light).
  • Visual Art/Writing submissions: Submit your work using the form at the bottom of this page. Name your file: Firstname_Lastname.format.
  • Music/Videos submissions: Submit your YouTube video link using the form at the bottom of this page.
  • Submissions will be reviewed by a committee from the Arts Council staff.
  • By submitting work, you grant the Arts Council of Moore County and Given Memorial Library the right to publish that work in Moore ArtShare and for publicity purposes only. Though published by the Arts Council of Moore County and Given Memorial Library, ownership rights of original work remain with the creator.
  • All work must be suitable for a wide audience and is subject to standards of conduct as determined by the Arts Council of Moore County and Given Memorial Library.
  • Submitting work does not guarantee publication.


  • Due to the volume of submissions, we are unable to respond to each one.
  • We are unable to provide feedback on submissions that are not accepted.
  • If your work is selected for Moore ArtShare, you will be notified upon publication.

How to Submit Your Work

Please complete the Submission Form below to submit your work for Moore ArtShare.

For questions, please email Chris Dunn at