Exhibit Your Artwork

Want to exhibit your work in the Arts Council’s Campbell House Galleries?  Here’s how…

The Arts Council of Moore County is committed to artistic excellence, to diversity, and to educating our community with visual art from the talented artists in Moore County and beyond.  Artists who wish to exhibit their artwork in a Feature Art Exhibit or in our Sales Gallery may submit materials to Katherine MacRae, Arts Council’s Assistant Director, according to the guidelines below. No personal interviews will be conducted. Selection of artists is at the sole discretion of the Arts Council of Moore County, and all proposals given careful consideration for exhibition and selections are based on quality of art, diversity of exhibits, and the gallery schedule.

Feature Art Exhibits are selected and scheduled by our Visual Arts Committee, which is currently scheduling 2-3 years in advance. These shows rotate on a monthly schedule, may be thematic in concept, and may combine fine art with craft. Group art exhibits are also welcome.

The Sales Gallery contains a wide variety of original art from local and regional artists and a huge selection of pottery from the Seagrove area. Because of limited space, each artist may display up to two (2) works, which must be for sale. We also ask that the art remain on display up to 4 months.

Artist Submission Guidelines

To have your artwork considered for display in Campbell House Galleries, please provide the following:

-A current biography and/or resume detailing education, grants, fellowships, awards, teaching positions, gallery affiliations, exhibitions and collections. Please include your mailing address, email address, and phone numbers.

-For a Feature Art Exhibit, include an artist statement related specifically to the body of artwork you wish to exhibit. You may also discuss the influences, research and inspiration that shape your work in terms of media, technique, and concepts.

-Up to 10 digital images or photos of current work or a link to your website. If submitting digital image or photos, the images must include a related ID sheet listing medium, size, and retail price.  If you would like your materials returned, please include a self-addressed-stamped envelope large enough for the return of materials. Submissions without adequate postage or envelope will become property of the Arts Council of Moore County and will not be returned. The Arts Council of Moore County makes every effort to safeguard submitted materials but cannot be responsible for loss or damage. Submissions are reviewed quarterly, and will be returned if envelope and postage are provided. Do not bring original work to the gallery, unless requested.

-While we accept unsolicited exhibit proposals, our Visual Arts Committee only meets quarterly (as needed). So, you may not get a quick reply to your exhibit request.

If chosen to exhibit, the artist(s) is responsible for the following:

-Delivery and removal of artwork to and from the gallery.

-Preparation of artwork for display including framing, special installation needs, pedestals, etc.

-Pricing of artwork – 90% of the artwork in a feature art exhibit must be for sale, and we require that 50% of the displayed art be priced in the range of $50-$800. The Arts Council of Moore County’s commission on all art sales is 35% of the retail price.

-Plans for and costs of the opening reception, normally provided by friends and family of the artist(s). We can give some guidance on the reception in terms of what to provide, costs, and caterers.

The Arts Council will provide the following:

-Art exhibit space within the Campbell House, which is protected by a monitored security system.

-Hanging and display of artwork, including some pedestals (all white, 4 various sizes).

-Insurance on artwork from the time of delivery until the agreed upon removal date.

-Printing, postage, and mailing of exhibit invitations, plus press sent to local media announcing the art exhibit.

-Help with reception (if needed), including cups, napkins, serving trays, punch bowls, white tablecloths, wine servers (if requested 2 weeks in advance), and assistance with clean-up.

If you have any questions, please contact Katherine MacRae at 910-692-2787 or katherine@mooreart.org.

Submissions should be sent to:

Mailing Address for Proposals:
Arts Council of Moore County
Attn: Katherine MacRae, Assistant Director
P.O. Box 405, Southern Pines, NC 28388

Delivery/Shipping Address for Proposals:
Arts Council of Moore County
Attn: Katherine MacRae, Assistant Director
482 E. Connecticut Avenue, Southern Pines, NC 28387

Email Address for Proposals:  katherine@mooreart.org