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Whether you arrived at this page by signing up for our email list or by exploring our website, we are glad you are here.  To help you learn more about the Arts Council of Moore County (ACMC), we would like to brag a little about who we are and what we do for our community.


Again, welcome to the Arts Council of Moore County!


About the Arts Council…


A community, no matter how large or small, can best be described by how it makes you feel. In Moore County, we are truly blessed with many advantages. In addition to world-famous golf, a unique landscape, and deep history, Moore County can also boast a community rich in the arts. As the county’s oldest and largest arts organization, the Arts Council of Moore County takes pride in the fact that it continues as the arts leader in making our community special.


Founded in 1973, the Arts Council is a not-for-profit, charitable organization with the mission to Inspire and Strengthen Our Community Through the Arts. We do this in many ways…


For Our Children…


We use the arts to make a positive impact on our children’s lives and expand their dreams for the future.

  • The Arts Council serves over 15,000 children each year through its youth programs, such as our summer arts camps, youth theatre productions, Arts in the Park, and Autumnfest.
  • The Arts Council has awarded over $22,500 in scholarships since 2000 to talented middle and high school students through our Barnes-Travis Arts Scholarship. The scholarship was set up to help students pursue their interest in the arts and pay for such items as music or art camps, dance instruction, and private lessons with an art or music teacher.
  • The Arts Council serves every Moore County school (public, private, charter, & home schools) through such programs as our Performing Arts in Moore Schools (PAMS) Program and the Young People’s Fine Arts Festival.

Moore County native and professional actor Kelly Tighe participated an many Arts Council youth programs and shares her experience with our PAMS Program, which gives every Moore County student a positive and educational experience with a professional performing artist per school year:


“As a young child I remember a show of African dancers. It was not like anything I had ever seen or experienced at school. I truly believe that if the Arts Council had not brought it to the schools it is something I never would have seen in our community. This was very important in my life because it sparked my interest in the arts.”


For Our Artists…

  • The Arts Council supports over 275 local artists and arts groups through art exhibits at Campbell House Feature & Sales Galleries and the annual Fine Arts Festival.
  • The Arts Council pays over $27,000 directly to local artists for their sold artwork in our Feature and Sales Galleries.
  • The Arts Council helps award over $15,000 in grants to individual artists through the North Carolina Arts Council’s Regional Artist Project Grant, the only grant in Moore County available to individual artists.

One such example of the Arts Council’s support making a difference in an artist’s life comes from Moore County potter Ben Owen III:


“The Arts Council of Moore County has played a major role in my career as a potter from early on. Some of my first experiences were through exhibitions of our family pottery as well as attending different presentations of many types of art and crafts. These opportunities have been a great influence in the direction of my work.”


For Our Community…

  • The Arts Council awarded over $10,800 for local arts projects through the Grassroots Arts Program. Some of the grant recipients this year are Carolina Philharmonic, Moore County Choral Society, Moore Philharmonic Orchestra, New Horizons Band in the Pines, Pinecrest High Choral & Theatre programs, Southern Middle Theater Arts Guild, Southern Pines Elementary, Southern Pines Recreation Dept., Union Pines High Drama Dept., and Weymouth Center.
  • Over 8,500 people enjoyed the Palustris Festival in 2013, presented by the Arts Council of Moore County. The dates for the 2015 Palustris Festival will be announced soon.
  • The Arts Council presents some of the world’s best artists as part of the Classical Concert Series, Heart ‘n Soul of Jazz, and other special events. Such artists have included Branford Marsalis, the Capital Steps, Tokyo String Quartet, John Pizzarelli, Freddie Cole, and several free concerts by some of our best armed forces musical groups.
  • The Arts Council’s ARTours annually takes over 200 travelers to incredible artistic destinations, both foreign and domestic.
  • The Arts Council supports our local arts organizations by providing partnerships, publicity, ticket sales, and as an active arts advocate for Moore County and the Sandhills Area.

While the impact of our programs can be difficult to put into words, Moore County resident, Arts Council member, and artist Jeanette Sheehan sums it up best: “The Arts Council is an integral part of the exceptional quality of life in this community. My family and I have benefited from the many, diversified programs for 30 years, and a bonus is the many enduring friendships that come from our involvement with the Arts Council.”


For Our Local Economy…


The Arts Council means business for Moore County, according to the recently completed Arts & Economic Prosperity IV Study by Americans for the Arts…


  • Over $1.9 million is spent in Moore County by the Arts Council and its audiences.
  • 60 full-time equivalent jobs in Moore County are supported by the expenditures made by the Arts Council and its audiences.
  • Over $1.3 million is paid to Moore County residents as a result of the expenditures made by the Arts Council and its audiences.
  • The Arts Council generates over $90,000 in LOCAL tax revenue and over $100,000 in STATE tax revenue.

How Can You Help the Arts Council?


Let’s count the ways:  1) Visit our monthly gallery exhibits; 2) Attend one of our many programs; 3) Bring a child to our youth programs; 4) Volunteer; 5) Sponsor an event or program; and 6) Suggest ideas or improvements for our programs.


Of course, the best way to help the Arts Council is to BECOME A MEMBER. Without members, the Arts Council does not exist. That is why we need you as a member. We also need your friends, family and neighbors as members too. Please join today, because the Arts Council of Moore County is one of the main reasons Moore County is such a wonderful place to live, work, play, and create. We cannot do this without you!

Photo of Campbell House


Where is the Arts Council Located?


The Arts Council galleries and offices are located in the Campbell House at 482 East Connecticut Avenue, Southern Pines, North Carolina. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


How can I contact the Arts Council?


Visit us, call us, write us, fax us or email us at the addresses and numbers listed on our Contact page. We are happy to serve you through the arts!