Arts Council Mural Program

“Knowledge Speaks-Wisdom Listens”
Mural by WD (a.k.a. “Wild Drawings”)
Athens, Greece

To promote the charm, history, livability and spirit of Moore County, North Carolina, the Arts Council of Moore County (ACMC) seeks Moore County property owners who wish to install a mural somewhere on their property. The property owner may have an artist they wish to use, or ACMC can hold an open call to artists. The goal of this public arts program is to use the arts to attract more attention and economic activity to areas that will positively impact the entire county.

The program will be directed by ACMC in partnership with property owner. Each mural project must meet certain guidelines and be approved by a mural committee consisting of representatives from ACMC, property owners, and other interested parties from the area where the mural is to be installed. This program will also seek guidance and support from the North Carolina Arts Council and other mural experts.

ELIGIBILITY:  The Arts Council Mural Program is open to professional artists (or teams of collaborative artists) that are born or reside in North Carolina, ages 18 or older. Other teams, such as groups containing children or amateur artists, may submit, provided an adult, professional artist executes the mural. Applicants will not be discriminated on the basis of any class or disability.

MURAL GUIDELINES:  Based on the artist’s vision, property owner’s input and mural location, a successful mural proposal will ideally meet the following guidelines:

  • Artistic design & application is of the highest level and completely original by the submitting artist/art team.
  • Broad/universal appeal to locals and visitors, which may be uplifting, playful, inspiring, colorful, thoughtful, or historical in nature. Be creative!
  • Compliments the character or history of the mural location and surrounding area.
  • Engages and encourages photographic and/or opportunities for pedestrian interaction.
  • Acceptable for public viewing by all ages.
  • Avoids overt political, religious or social statements and/or influences.
  • Contains the names of the artist/art team and sponsors, as requested.
  • Feasible budget and timeline.
  • Avoids subject matter that could be construed as advertising or contains direct or indirect promotion related solely to the economic interests of any business. Murals that advertise a business, agency, service or product in any way will not be approved and will be directed to the entity that regulates signage in the mural location.

PROPERTY OWNERS:  If you are interested in having a mural on your property, please contact the Arts Council at 910-692-2787 or to learn more.

MURAL ARTISTS: We are not currently accepting proposals. If you are interested in being contacted should a mural project require a Request for Proposal, please email the following information to the Arts Council at

  • Your name
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number(s)
  • Email address
  • Examples of your work to include 5-10 digital images or web links. For each example, include title, date, size, budget, materials used, and location.

If you have any questions, please contact the Arts Council at 910-692-2787 or