Moore ArtShare – Covid Edition 7

Issue 7 – August 1, 2020

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Welcome to our seventh issue of Moore Art Share – COVID Edition, a digital collection of creative works from the Moore County community documenting how we responded to this strange time we find ourselves in. Scroll down to see the new submissions. They are listed in no particular order. And, if you are so inspired, please submit your own work.

Special thanks goes to everyone who submitted a COVID creation, the Arlington Public Library’s “Quaranzine” for the inspiration to do something like this, and to The Sway, The Pilot, and Sandhills Magazine for spreading the word. Stay safe, keep sharing your COVID creations, and enjoy!

Carolina Philharmonic

Pinehurst, NC

“Virtual Children’s Choir”

Ending the 2019/20 school year with a special project, Carolina Phil’s maestro, David Michael Wolff, invited children ages 6-12 to send in videos of their performances of the Encore! Kids inspirational, motivational theme song, “Twilight.” View the resulting performance below. Learn more about Carolina Philharmonic at


Martha Christian

Southern Pines, NC

Pandemic Musings:
“What To Do When You Feel Dark Inside”

This is one in a short series of six poems I wrote this year which express the emotional impact of COVID-19 in my life, and which I’d like to share with others who may be experiencing similar things.

Nicholas Solomon

Aberdeen, NC

Age 11-17

“Whispering Sunset”

I painted this sunset from a picture I took on a Sunday drive with my family near the Moore County Airport. It was a beautiful ending to a nice day. Check out more at my Youtube Channel: Nick’s Oil Scapes

Jane Harnum

Pinehurst, NC

“Keep Your Chin Up”

This is a painting as part of my COVID series on “missing families.” I try to emit a feeling of togetherness while we have to be apart.

Don Harnum

Pinehurst, NC


Annie Brechtelsbauer

Pinehurst, NC

“Alone at Home IV”

Click on poem to the right to enlarge.

Robert Hill Long

Southern Pines, NC

“Black Lives Matter, Southern Pines”

In early June, there was a memorial for George Floyd in Southern Pines’ Downtown Park. It was also yet another call for justice in America, yet another call for an end to racism in America. Many clergy took part, many citizens too, most of us masked for one another’s health. The three young people pictured are holding signs listing the names of recent victims of racist violence; sadly, there were more signs, more names. I asked them to look at the camera because I want them to look into your eyes as you consider what you can do to make this nation better for all your neighbors who live here.

Anna Murphy

Southern Pines, NC
& Atlanta, GA


“Roots” is the balance between Light and Dark…Life and Death…the ultimate balance of the ancestry of the black woman and the history that comes with her experience.

Candace Hitchcock

Aberdeen, NC

“Sweet Fi”

In early May, 2020, we fostered a lovely hound mix through a local rescue, Caring Hearts for Canines. Her name when she came to us was Fiona and it was clear she had quite a story to tell. We could also see that she had given birth to at least one litter of puppies. On Easter Sunday, several days after she had been with us, I came into the living room to find she had taken all of the toys out of the toy box and brought them up onto the couch where she had surrounded herself with them, as if they were in fact her babies. She melted my heart! She has since been adopted, has a new family and name and is training to be a therapy dog. I think she will be a good one!

Keira Faith & Addie Kate

Carthage, NC

Age 11-17


Hello Everyone! I hope you’re doing well and pushing through during this troubled time. Here is an original song that my friend and I wrote, more details about it will be shared in the video. Please take a few minutes to listen. We are fairly new to writing and want our words to be heard by others to help ones who need to hear them. Thank you so much for the time!! I hope you all have a wonderful day.  ~ Keria Faith