Moore ArtShare – Covid Edition 4

Issue 4 – June 15, 2020

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Welcome to our next issue of Moore Art Share – COVID Edition, a digital collection of creative works from the Moore County community that documents how we responded to this strange time we find ourselves in. Even though this is our fourth issue, you will see that the art is changing as the issues we focus on change. That’s the magic of art; If you want to know what is going on in society, look at the art. It will tell you.  Scroll down to see what the new submissions are telling us.

Special thanks goes to everyone who submitted a COVID creation, the Arlington Public Library’s “Quaranzine” for the inspiration, and to The Sway, The Pilot, and Sandhills Magazine for the promotion. Keep sharing your creations, and enjoy!

Martha Christian

Southern Pines, NC

“Pandemic Musings:  Mountain Waters”

This is one in a short series of six poems I wrote this year which express the emotional impact of Covid-19 in my life, and which I’d like to share with others who may be experiencing similar things.

Lincoln Bowman

Robbins, NC

“Share the Love”

Age 0-10

This painting makes me smile. Share the love & be happy.

Janice Blower

Pinehurst, NC

“Quaran-tini Card”

Being a former elementary teacher, I guess I have never stopped loving to color, cut and paste! These cards are meant to brighten someone’s day during this pandemic.

Elizabeth L. Beck

Southern Pines, NC

“Summer Hope”

8″ x 24″ Mixed media on canvas board

Many artist have painted sunflowers, but none as exceptional and as abundant as Vincent Van Gogh’s. They are also a symbol of Hope and Joy. Someone once said, “Let me be a Sunflower, standing tall, so that even on the darkest days I will find the sunlight.”

Nancy Heilman

Pinehurst, NC

Simplistic Pressed Flowers

I made this picture for my stepdaughter who recently redid her living room trending to minimalist and Asian themes. She is married with two daughters and three pets. I titled it “Family.” She liked it.
I press flowers and put them in a framed picture, which is a fun way to save my favorites. This hobby/craft takes some time to learn so interested persons may contact me at for more information.

Molly Thomas

Southern Pines, NC

“For Love of Dog”

Bethany Gaddy

Whispering Pines, NC

“Sea Turtle”

Age 13

Acrylic paint used to create a tie-dye Pop Art sea turtle.

Robert Hill Long

Southern Pines, NC

“The Sleeper”

Many of our social problems and ills hide in plain sight. The most common and perennial temptation is to turn away from them. One thing the artist can do is gaze steadily at them, and to find formal beauty in their pathos. So that others, invited by art to witness the intertwining of suffering and beauty, may go forth seeking not only to alleviate in some small way the ills and sufferings of others, but also to be more resolutely open to the sheer beauty of visible life.

Patti Rank

Pinehurst, NC

“The Last Two”

Based on the NC Zoo’s “Bowling for Rhino” fundraiser event, I painted a couple paintings of the last two Northern White Rhinos, a mother and her baby. The last male passed in 2019. These rhinos are protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from poachers. They are gentle animals and I wanted to capture their carefree spirit in their eyes.

Patricia Thomas

Cameron, NC & Quebec

“Bustin’ Out of Lockdown”

Acrylic, 20″ x 24″ – While the lockdown imposed many limits, I also felt it provided time for going inward, reassessing, creating. This work, created two weeks ago, expresses through movement and colour, the joy of “bustin’ out” of the lockdown, as little by little, we start to venture back out into society.

Annie Brechtelslbauer

Pinehurst, NC

“Alone at Home I”

I travel extensively to many places in the world on cruise ships. I lecture on how to play bridge and run competitions in bridge on the ships. I also teach and play bridge locally. Since I am generally a busy lady, I found it a shock to be at home alone for so long. I had just returned from a long cruise when the virus epidemic happened. I felt a need to put some pleasant thoughts in my usual poetic style. This was as much for myself as for friends and family to help cheer up the days. I have lived in Pinehurst for 44 years and have been a widow for 19 years due to my husband’s untimely early death. I competed for 25 years in golf tournaments all over the United States as an amateur. I have written poetry for many years but never published any of my work. I just share with friends.

Patrica Tocco

Seven Lakes, NC

“Who Will Hear My Cry for Justice”

The photographs making up this collage were taken September 9, 2013 at a Moral Monday rally in Southern Pines. We are still asking the same question.

Joan Blair

Pinehurst, NC

“Painting Flowers in the Neighborhood”

Staying home, day after day, working at my easel, except for a daily walk, I paint flowers in the neighborhood. Seeing the flowers grow marks the changes in the seasons. From the brilliant yellow forsythias and rosebud in March, to the tulips and irises in April. A path of dandelions spread their seeds. May has come and gone. Now it is June, magnolias are out in full bloom. Step outside, take in nature’s view, life goes on.