Moore ArtShare – Covid Edition 3

Issue 3 – June 1, 2020

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Welcome to the third issue of Moore Art Share – COVID Edition, a digital collection of creative works from the Moore County community that documents how we responded to this strange time we find ourselves in. Scroll down to see the new submissions. They are listed in no particular order. And, if you are so inspired, please submit your own work.

Special thanks goes to everyone who submitted a COVID creation, the Arlington Public Library’s “Quaranzine” for the inspiration, and to The Sway, The Pilot, and Sandhills Magazine for the promotion. Keep sharing your COVID creations, and enjoy!

Terri Birkhauser

Pinehurst, NC


Acrylic on canvas / 12″x12″

This painting represents the loneliness of Covid19 Pandemic. The figure stares at the outside world which appears bright and hopeful. The inside is dark and solemn but the highlight on the figure shows a promise of recovery.

River Stalker

Westmoore Elementary School

“Through the Rain”

Age 0-10

Look through the rain and the dark clouds to see how pretty everything is.

Rick Meyer

Pinehurst, NC


“Conundrum” originated as a one-act play, performed at Polaris Repertory Co. in NYC. I rewrote it as a film and produced it independently with the help of a wonderful group of people. Interestingly the female star, Erika Chase is the daughter of a reporter at The Pilot. She has most recently been seen in “Manifest” on NBC.


Mary Wright

Southern Pines, NC

“The Colors of Southern Pines”

The Sandhills is known for the beautiful Long Leaf Pines. As I paint during this Covid-19 crisis, I have had more time to notice and appreciate the amazing canopy that they provide. We need to protect the ones still standing. This painting is in honor of the color, shade, habitat, and beauty they give this area that we live in.

Lincoln Bowman

Robbins, NC

“Elephant Strong”

Age 0-10

Elephants stand strong together and take care of each other. To get through hard times, we can do this too.

Martha Christian

Southern Pines, NC

“Pandemic Musings:  April, 2020”

This is one in a short series of six poems I wrote this year which express the emotional impact of Covid-19 in my life, and which I’d like to share with others who may be experiencing similar things.

Jean Smyth

Pinehurst, NC

“The Journey”

During the dark days of March and early April, I envisioned a couple walking toward the light and a place of refuge. Together, yet alone. Safe, as raging waters pass by. Hopeful that the journey’s end will bring them to a place of peace and tranquility.

Lynne Jones

Pinehurst, NC

“Looking for the Trail”

Spartan in beautiful Avery County.

Cady Timms

Pinehurst, NC

“COVID’s Wrath”

Age 11-17

The personification of COVID-19 painted with acrylics.

Janice Blower

Pinehurst, NC

Handmade COVID Card

Being a former elementary teacher, I guess I have never stopped loving to color, cut and paste! These cards are meant to brighten someone’s day during this pandemic.