Moore ArtShare – Covid Edition 2

Issue 2 – May 25, 2020 – Memorial Day

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Welcome to the second issue of Moore Art Share – COVID Edition, a digital collection of creative works from the Moore County community that documents how we responded to this strange time we find ourselves in. We are so excited by the response to this project that we decided to send out a special Memorial Day issue.  So, scroll down to see the new submissions.  They are listed in no particular order. And, if you are so inspired, please submit your own work for our next issue due on June 15.

Special thanks goes to everyone who submitted a COVID creation, the Arlington Public Library’s “Quaranzine” for the inspiration, and to The Sway, The Pilot, and Sandhills Magazine for the promotion. Keep your COVID creations coming.  Please enjoy!

Patricia Tocco

West End, NC

“Lessons from Nature”

Rain Stalker

Westmoore Elementary School

“Tightly Woven Family”

Age 0-10

Each color represents a member of my Family. We are strong together and support each other. I Love my Family!

River Stalker

Westmoore Elementary School

“Giraffe Giraffe, I Miss You”

Age 0-10

My favorite Zoo animal. I can’t wait for the Zoo to reopen so I can feed the giraffes again!

Ella Marino

Southern Pines, NC

“iPad Problem”

Age 0-10

Ally Markotich
& many others

Pinehurst, NC & beyond

“Virtual Community Prayer Mosaic”

Together, our prayers are covering the world in a rainbow of healing and love! The Community Prayer Mosaic was an ongoing, shifting, evolving process created with a practice titled “Prayer Squares”. I created the Prayer Squares practice as a way for people to tune into the message of their heart during this time of pandemic and move their inner expression to outward form. Prayer Squares are a simple 3-step spiritual practice any age can participate in to engage one’s innate creativity as their prayer. Community near and far (North Carolina, New York, Germany, Canada, California, etc.) participated from April 20 – May 15, 2020 to create a mosaic of over 320 squares. Each week, three themes/topics were sent out as inspiration to create with (For example: A Breath of Fresh Air guided one to consider what needs “fresh air” in one’s life). With pencil, permanent marker and color, one is invited to moved their materials fluidly to create their personal expression. Over four weeks, each individual had the opportunity to work with twelve themes to create their personal mosaic alongside being part of the larger community mosaic. The full (and individual) mosaic(s) can be viewed at

Molly Thomas

Southern Pines, NC

“Unfulfilled Dreams”

My sister had always wanted to have a house near “the beach”. Late in life she and her husband decided to build their dream home at “the beach”. and grow old there together. During the build time of this home my sister was diagnosed with Parkinson. The house was built and finally my sister was able to have her home at”the beach”. She and her husband were able to move to the house but she passed away after only being able to live in the home for a short time. It was a dream that was unfulfilled. I wrote the poem to my sister after her passing.

Paula Montgomery

Pinehurst, NC

“Beneath the Surface”

Mixed Media 14×27 painting on canvas.

I kept applying & removing layers of paper & paint until I liked the result. Sort of like searching for a cure to a disease. See more of Paula’s art at

Bob Howell

Southern Pines, NC

“Easter Dogwoods”

This poem was inspired by a combination of the power of the Easter season, the beauty of the dogwood tree in my backyard, and the challenges brought by the pandemic.

In the interest of full disclosure: Although this poem is “unpublished,” I did submit it to the recent contest sponsored by the Southern Pines Recreation & Parks Department and the Southern Pines Public Library. To the best of my knowledge, results have not been announced.

Neva Kittrell-Scheve

Pinehurst, NC

“Onion Flower”

Is the Corona Virus growing in my backyard? The onions have gone to seed, but they have a creepy resemblance to the virus. See more of Neva’s photos at

Ella Van Horn

Southern Pines, NC

“Stay Home, That Would Be Enough”

Age 11-17

“Hamilton, The Musical” Inspired Stay Home Poster

Kate McDonald

Aberdeen, NC

“Antisocial Art House”

Watercolor, pen & pencil

I felt inspired to try to capture a piece of home that’s been incredibly important to me throughout my years in Moore County. I fell in love with The Sunrise as a ten year-old, when we first moved to Southern Pines, and was cast in the children’s production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I loved playing backstage and waiting in the balcony on long rehearsal nights with friends I have to this day. My love for the Arts blossomed there, and for that I am forever grateful. When the first shut downs began this March, I immediately thought of both the Sunrise and the Arts Council, and the financial hit they would take. The Arts are always under great pressure to perform on a shoe string budget, so I felt an urge to do something to honor and hopefully help raise some awareness for them during this very tough time.

To order prints of this wonderful painting, contact Kate at Prints are 11×17 and $20 each.

Corey L. Pritchard

Candor, NC

“Small Devil”

Small hump thrown devil faced jug. Made using native NC clay and fired to 2,232 degrees in Moore County. See more of Corey’s pottery at

Martha Christian

Southern Pines, NC

“Pandemic Musings:  Pandemic Lock-Down”

This is one in a short series of six poems I wrote this year which express the emotional impact of Covid-19 in my life, and which I’d like to share with others who may be experiencing similar things.

Bruce Shute

Seven Lakes, NC

“Entering HCC”

Watercolor landscape 16 x 20

Scene on the campus of Haywood Community College.

Chris Dunn

Southern Pines, NC

“TAPS:  24 Notes of Honor”

Each year, I am asked to play the bugle call, “Taps,” for a special service on Memorial Day. Because of COVID-19, I haven’t heard if there will be any Memorial Day services this year, but I still felt the need to remember and honor our military personnel who died serving our country, in addition to thanking all our veterans and active military personnel.

During my COVID-19 down time, I wanted to learn how to create and edit videos. Even though my computer did most of the work, this video is my first effort. Using my iPhone, I filmed me playing “Taps” in one of my favorite places–the St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Snow Hill, NC, my hometown.

Understandably, many will hear “Taps” and think it’s a sad song. When I play it, I hear the perfect musical representation of honor. No other song comes close to capturing the feelings wrapped up in the meaning of sacrifice in so few notes. That’s why I am always humbled to play this haunting melody, and I hope that it helps you remember, thank and honor someone too on this Memorial Day.