Art of the Tattoo: A Living Canvas

Tell us your tattoo story!

The Arts Council of Moore County (ACMC) and Cox’s Double Eagle Harley-Davidson are looking for tattoos and personal stories about the tattoos to include in an art exhibit in September, 2017 at ACMC’s Campbell House Galleries in Southern Pines, NC. Called Art of the Tattoo: A Living Canvas, the exhibit seeks to showcase tattoos as an art form by exploring their artistry, history, aesthetics, and personal stories.

Tattoos have been a part of America’s culture since the mid-1800s, and in other parts of the world for centuries. Before becoming more mainstream, tattoos—or body art—were mostly symbols of rebellion, often making it a misunderstood art form. Today, tattoos are personal marks for remembering a loved one, a special mark of an important moment, or a unique means of self-expression using the human body as a canvas. No matter the motivation to get “tatted,” the talent needed to render a quality tattoo is undeniable and worthy of being showcased as an art form.

Be part of the show!

Please email a photo of your tattoo and a brief story about it to With the help of Craig Morrison (owner of Valhalla Tattoo & Gallery in Southern Pines, NC) and Tim Sayer (owner of Sayer Photography), we will choose the best combinations of tattoos and stories and incorporate them into the exhibit. The deadline to submit your tattoo story is May 31, 2017.


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