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Arts & Economic Prosperity IVThe Arts Are Mean Business!

The Arts Council of Moore County Board is proud to announce the results of a comprehensive economic impact study of the nonprofit arts and culture industry conducted in Moore County over the past two years.  Local nonprofit arts and cultural organizations generate $6,387,592 in annual economic activity–supporting 149 full-time equivalent jobs and generating $459,000 in local and state tax revenues, according to the Arts & Economic Prosperity IV national economic impact study.

As the most comprehensive economic impact study of the nonprofit arts and culture industry conducted in the U.S., and the first time in Moore County, Arts & Economic Prosperity IV was conducted by Americans for the Arts, the nation’s leading nonprofit organization for advancing the arts and arts education.

According to the study, nonprofit arts and culture organizations spent $3,166,513 during fiscal year 2010. This spending is far-reaching: organizations pay employees, purchase supplies, contract for services and acquire assets within their community. Those dollars, in turn, generated $2,089,000 in household income for local residents and $208,000 in local and state government revenues.

Funding for this project was provided by the Arts Council of Moore County, which also served as the local project partner with Americans for the Arts and as such was responsible for the local implantation and data collection requirements of the study.

“We were pleased to lead the study for Moore County, which was the first time the economic impact of the arts have been studied in our area,” said Chris Dunn, director of the Arts Council of Moore County. “It is great to see in the results of the study that even in a down economy the arts are a thriving industry in Moore County.”

Nationally, the Arts & Economic Prosperity IV study reveals that the nonprofit arts industry produced $135.2 billion in economic activity during 2010. This spending—$61.1 billion by nonprofit arts and culture organizations plus an additional $74.1 billion by their audiences—supported 4.1 million full-time equivalent jobs and generated $22.3 billion in federal, state and local tax revenues.

“This study shines a much-needed light on the vital role the arts play in stimulating and sustaining economic development,” says Robert L. Lynch, president and CEO of Americans for the Arts. “Contrary to popular belief, the arts are a bustling industry that supports a plethora of diverse jobs, generates significant revenues for local businesses and to federal, state and local governments and provides quality of life that positions communities to compete in our 21st century creative economy.”

Arts Industry Boon for Local Businesses

In addition to spending by organizations, the nonprofit arts and culture industry leverages $3,221,079 in event-related spending by its audiences. As a result of attending a cultural event, attendees often eat dinner in local restaurants, pay for gas, buy gifts and souvenirs, and pay a babysitter. What’s more, attendees from out of town often stay overnight in a local hotel.  In Moore County, these dollars support 68 full-time equivalent jobs and generate $251,000 in local and state government revenues.

Over 900 event goers were surveyed during 2011 about their spending.  In addition to the price of tickets, they averaged spending $12.77 per person, all dollars that went into the local economy. Eighty-eight percent of people who attended arts and cultural events in Moore County were residents of the county and 12 percent were not.  Nonresidents spend more than double that of residents.

Special Thanks & Acknowledgments

The Arts Council of Moore County expresses its gratitude to the many people and organizations who made Arts & Economic Prosperity IV: The Economic Impact of Nonprofit Arts and Culture Organizations and Their Audiences in Moore County possible and assisted in its coordination and production.

This study could not have been completed without the cooperation of the following nonprofit arts and culture organizations in Moore County, listed below, that provided detailed financial and event attendance information about their organization:  Artists League of the Sandhills; Arts Council of Moore County; Autumnfest; Carolina Performing Arts Center; Carolina Philharmonic; Carthage Buggy Festival; Classical Design Foundation; English Speaking Union/Sandhills Chapter; Holly Arts & Crafts Festival; Jugtown Museum; Moore County Choral Society; Moore County Concert Band; Moore County Historical Association; Moore Philharmonic Orchestra; New Horizon Band in the Pines; North Carolina Symphony; North Moore High School; Palustris Festival; Pinecrest Choral Department; Pinecrest High School Auditorium; Pinecrest Orchestra; Pinecrest Players; Ruth Pauley Lecture Series; Sandbox Players; Sandhills Community College; Sandhills Community College Choir; Sandhills Harmony Chorus; Sandhills Quilters Guild; Springfest; Sunrise Preservation Group; Union Pines Choral Department; Union Pines High School Band; Union Pines Theatre Arts; Village of Pinehurst Parks & Recreation; Westmoore Pottery, and Weymouth Center.

The Arts Council of Moore County would also like to thank the following arts organizations, events, and venues for allowing us to conduct audience surveys for this study:  Autumnfest; Artists League of the Sandhills; Arts Council of Moore County (Campbell House Galleries, Classical Concert Series, Summer Theatre Camps); Flynne’s Coffee Bar; Hastings Art Gallery at Sandhills Community College; Longleaf Cultural Theater Ensemble; Moore County Concert Band; Moore County Choral Society; Moore OnStage; Moore Philharmonic Orchestra; North Carolina Symphony; New Horizons Band in the Pines; Palustris Festival; Pinecrest High School Choral Dept.; Pinecrest Players; The Rooster’s Wife; Sandhills Harmony Chorus; Southern Pines Primary; Sunrise Theater; Village Arboretum; and Weymouth Center.

The Arts Council of Moore County is a not-for-profit organization celebrating almost 40 years of presenting and promoting the arts in Moore County. By offering and supporting quality arts programs for all Moore County residents and visitors, the Arts Council fulfills its mission:  Support, Promote and Develop Arts and Arts Education Throughout Moore County.

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This project was supported in part by a grant from
the North Carolina Arts Council,
a division of the Department of Cultural Resources.